The DIY CNC Router Z Axis is the small carriage that goes up-and-down (the Z axis), and it holds the milling device (router, dremel, pen, plasma torch).  This design is modular in that it can be easily adapted to many types of milling devices by removing a few bolts and sliding in the new mount.

Z Axis Assembly

Z-Axis Assembly 1

Error in drawing:  The anti-backlash assembly actually mounts on the other side of the Z Axis Rear (3) plate.

Parts List

Item #QtyDescriptionPart Number
11Z-Axis right sidebuild
21Z-Axis left sidebuild
31Z-Axis rearbuild
41Z-Axis Short Frontbuild
52Bearing Supportbuild
681/4-20 x 2" Hex Head Bolt
781/4" Flat Washer
881/4-20 Threaded Cross Dowel
92Z-Axis Bearing Assembliesbuild
101Z-Axis Anti-Backlash NutAssembly

Optional “Long” front plate

Z-Axis Assembly 2


Some alternate viewsZ-Axis Assembly 3 Z-Axis Assembly 4

Photos of my build

Here are some images of my Z-Axis build


Close-up of the Front and Rear as well as the linear bearing.  In the back you can see part of the Z-axis anti-backlash nut assembly.  Probably not so important on the Z axis (since gravity already does a lot of the work).Photo2

A more ‘front on’ view.   I have installed a spring-loaded pen assembly that I can bolt on the front of my Z axis to do test runs.  A very high quality die grinder is mounted here – I use this for isolation routing PC boards and engraving.  Here you can see the flexibility of the design.  I can unbolt the die grinder & mount and bolt-in my 1/2 HP router in under 5 minutes.  The wire on the die grinder is my ground for when I do isolation PCB routing and I use a touch probe and an auto leveler software.

Must another view for fun.