240Z and XXR front wheel fitment issue

I decided on a retro-look “banana spoke” wheel, black with a red pinstripe – from XXR Wheels. I can’t comment how these wheels would stand up to the abuse of racing, since this is very far away from any requirement for me.

The wheel is XXR #513 16×7. The tire is FALKEN 205/55R16.

I think this wheel design and color complements my Z well.

There was no issue mounting the wheels to the car. The problem with with the center of the front wheels. The Z has a grease cap that sticks out of the center hub pretty far (Fig 2).The initial way to hide this was to just paint the grease cap black.

Some type of spacer was needed to move the decorative XXR cap out about half an inch.

I decided to copy the ‘mounting finger’ design of the XXR center cap, and use my 3D printer to make the spacer. It took 3 attempts before I managed to get all the tolerances correct, but it works and looks perfect (Fig 4).

Fig 1. Z sporting XXR 513 Wheels (click to enlarge)
Datsun 240Z center hub and XXR Wheel
Fig 2. 240Z grease cap extends beyond the wheel
Datsun 240Z center hub and XXR Wheel with spacer
Fig 4. XXR wheel with spacer and XXR center cap

Download .stl and .f3d files 

I needed to reprint one of these and couldn’t find the last STL file, and I wanted to make a few changes anyway.

Here are the files if you want them:  Wheel Hub Extender IV. Contains

  • Wheel Hub Extender IV Drawing.pdf
  • Wheel Hub Extender IV v17.f3d (Fusion 360)
  • Wheel Hub Extender IV.stl