Datsun 240Z – Leaking Speedometer Pinion

Datsun 240Z – Leaking Speedometer Pinion

My Z was leaking transmission oil from the part of the transmission where the speedometer cable connects.  I thought it was just the speedometer cable connection was loose.  This is a simple fix (replacing an O-ring and oil seal) that you can get done quickly.  Rarely has so little effort produced so much joy!

The Parts

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The Process

This is explained so beautifully Greg on, that here is no reason to duplicate it here.

Some notes

  • You do not need to drain the transmission before doing this (though some oil may leak out).
  • From esprist on “try to save the roll pin that holds the cog in place. That one is metric and very very hard to get here in U. S. I tried every hardware store around here in L.A. No luck. So I had it shipped from Japan. (Very cheap, but the time while I was waiting just for that…)”
  • Put a little oil on everything as you are putting it back together.  Put some oil or grease on the 0-ring before you slide the assembly back into the transmission.
  • Take care during insertion that you don’t pinch or damage the O-ring.

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