Datsun 240Z Ztherapy Rebuilt Carburetors

It was time to rebuild the SU Carburetors for my Datsun 240Z.  I find something particularly charming about the Datsun 240Z side-draft SU Carburetors, so I wanted to keep them. The look funky and they seem to make the classic 240Z look complete.  Rather than rebuild them, I decided instead to replace them with ZTherapy rebuilt carbs.  Although pricey, one can’t argue with the extreme prettiness.

A few months back I ordered and received my new (refurbished, actually) ZTherapy SU Carbs.  They were every bit as beautiful as I had imagined.  They arrived well packaged and with a copy of the DVD “Just SUs“.

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I also upgraded to a K&N air filter at the same time.


The carbs did not work well when installed.  I am sure they were fully tested before shipping, and the folks at ZTherapy were very responsive and very concerned.  But there is only so much you can do from 1000 miles away.  I am lucky to have a very experienced Z mechanic (trained on Zs, worked on Zs, raced Zs and owns a Z) Saddleback Cars.  Turns out both carb domes were slightly misaligned causing the needle to rub and stick. Once this was fixed (at additional cost, of course) everything worked perfectly.

That is, until . . . . I added the Electronic Points.

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Stuck Choke Assembly

I was experiencing a very strong gas smell.  Turns out one of my chokes was stuck ‘full on’.  Click meDetails here.