Datsun 240Z Battery

Datsun 240Z Battery

Positive terminal on the right or left?

Some folks don’t like the positive under the fender and so close to the chassis – if you ‘swap’ the pos and neg, then you may need a longer cable than this one.

Battery Size / Type

“Group 24 is “original” size. 24F has the reversed terminals which I recommend because it puts the negative terminal under the fender instead of the positive – just remember to reroute the cables.” (CoastGuardZ, Classic Z Cars)

BCI Battery Groups, and the difference between this Battery and those Size Groups.
BCI Battery Group 24
Battery Group Specifications
10.25 inches
6.81 inches
8.88 inches
BCI Battery Group 24F
Battery Group Specifications
10.75 inches
6.81 inches
9.00 inches


Battery hold-down

“If you are using the OEM Battery hold down (that sits on top the battery), then take the with you when you shop for a battery. Todays “Group 24” may or may not be the exact identical size as they were in the 1970’s. Secondly many battery manufacturers have moved the original position of the battery terminal posts – so they now sit closer to the middle of the battery (for a more “universal” fit and broader application). This can be a problem with the OEM battery cables – as they can come into contact with the metal battery hold down.” (Carl Beck, Classic Z Cars)

Battery Cables


“I measured the cables on my car as follows:

Negative cable length, not to include connectors ————— 22 inches
Positive cable length ————————————————— 25 inches
Firewall ground cable length ——————————————–9 inches

My cables are the correct OEM, NOS Nissan parts for my ’71 240Z.
Dan” ( AZ-240z, Classic Z Cars)
Note: the measurements above would be for a Group 24F with the Positive under the fender.

When I put in a Group 24 (negative under the fender), I needed a 32″ ground cable.

Durlast Gold GT225B

Datsun 240Z Battery Cable (Negative)

Datsun 240Z Battery Cable (Negative)

  • 25 Inch
  • 2 Gauge
  • Protective terminal boots (one red, one black)
  • “pigtail” for firewall chassis ground
  • “Other” side has ring terminal for starter motor

Great price (around $10), off-the-shelf (Auto Zone), ideal length for battery with negative toward the front of the car, engine-side of the battery (positive is ‘tucked under’ the fender).