240Z – Parking Brake Refurbish

While I had the differential, half shafts and drive shaft out of the car, it seemed like an ideal time to clean, inspect and refurbish the parking brake hardware.  All components were visually inspected and found to be in good working order.  I removed, cleaned and re-plated all the components.

Datsun Service Manual

I disassembled all the parts, cleaned and zinc plated them.

Miscellaneous e-brake hardware as removed from the car
Miscellaneous e-brake hardware after cleaning and zinc plating

Main e-brake bracket.

Center bracket detail, before cleaning
Center Lever cleaned and zinc plated.
Equalizer detail, before
Equalizer detail, after
Center bracket and equalizer
Center Lever and Equalizer reinstalled
All e-brake hardware as removed from the car
All e-brake hardware after cleaning and zinc plating.

Close-up of the equalizer. After a thorough cleaning and glass beading, it took the zinc plating very well. Evidence of rust (pits) remain evident upon moderately close inspection.

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My 'odds-and-ends' collection of parts gathered during my Z refurbish. Carefully organzied and photographed!

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