Chances are good that the windshield washer pump in your Datsun 240Z is shot.  If your washer fluid reservoir is still in good shape then this is a clean way to get window squirters again!

buy now viagra I was able to secure an aftermarket windshield washer pump that fits neatly within the rubber bushing under the existing 240Z windshield washer reservoir.  This avoids having to bolt a 3rd party washer pump into the engine compartment.  It looks “mostly stock”.  It is black instead of white and it is about 3/8 inch longer than the stock pump.

240Z Replacement Washer Pump

source site 240Z Replacement Washer Pump (3 views)

watch The fit was snug.  I used some isopropyl alcohol to ‘lube up’ the rubber sleeve, made double-sure the orientation of the water connections was proper and slid the pump in.  It uses blade-type connectors, so I made two short blade-to-bullet cables to match to the stock wiring harness.

Datsun 240Z Washer Pump Closeup

follow link Datsun 240Z Washer Pump Closeup (3 views)

ANCO washer pump 61-13

find cheap viagra online ANCO Washer Pump # 61-13 Special thanks to Baums Auto Supply for searching through their inventory of washer pumps, opening every package and test-fitting them into the rubber washer pump bushing.  A lot of work for a sale. Works like a charm and looks 90% stock.  Here is an image looking over the motor, between the brake reservoirs. I think it’s an excellent compromise.  The fewer holes we need to drill, the better!  

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