A Dazun 240Z (yes, that’s how it was spelled) showed up at the local Pick-a-part.  My son (’73 240Z) headed out on Saturday morning.  What we found was what looked like a well-harvested shell.  No rear window, no doors, no head, looked like the suspension was worked-over pretty well.

There were a few things that might be interesting, but the more we looked, the more we saw.

The toolbox liners were both in the car, and in excellent condition!   Also the small carpet pieces that go behind the seats.  The chrome trim around front and back windows was in very good shape.  The front windshield was dirty, but underneath it was new and un-pitted.

Looking at the shocks, my son pulled one out and they were brand new


Datsun 240 Junkyard Find - V0740 Diesel Crankshaft

V0740 Diesel Crankshaft

My son noticed the engine was a L28 F54 Turbo block.  Interesting.  The cylinder walls were very clean and showed signs of a recent honing.  5 speed tranny was still attached.  R200 dif.  Getting more interesting.  Pulled the engine and removed the tranny.  A brand new Centerforce II clutch and new pressure plate.

It appears the motor is already bored (88mm) and has the diesel crank.


Datsun 240 Junkyard Find - Centerforce Clutch (untouched)

Centerforce Clutch (untouched)

Datsun 240 Junkyard Find - Cylinder Wall Detail

Cylinder wall detail

Datsun 240 Junkyard Find - Centerforce Clutch Pressure Plate

Centerforce Clutch Pressure Plate

Datsun 240 Junkyard Find - Clutch Disk

Clutch Disk

Datsun 240 Junkyard Find - Flywheel


Datsun 240 Junkyard Find - Piston Top

Piston Top (wiped with a little paint thinner & a rag)



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