Windshield Wiper Motor Switch

Rebuilding the windshield wiper switch is simple and straightforward. Special thanks to Derek S for providing the photos.

Windshield Wiper

Since I don’t know what’s what at the motor end, I can’t really explain what’s going on here, exactly.  Something looks odd on my FSM wiring diagram, so this is my best guess until I can do some more research.



Washer Pump

Pushing the windshield washer switch puts +12V from the fusebox out to the pump.

Fig 1. Wiper switch/motor wiring

Fig 2. Windshield Washer Switch

Fig 3. Headlight module on top (when installed in car), wiper module on the bottom.

Fig 4. Carefully pry back 4-tabs

Fig 5. Carefully clean all contacts

Fig 6. Be careful! these will fall out

Fig 7. After cleaning contacts, add a little grease on spring bottoms

Fig 8. Re-bend the tabs back into place.

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