Rebuilding the windshield wiper switch is simple and straightforward. Special thanks to Derek S for providing the photos.

source url Windshield Wiper Since I don’t know what’s what at the motor end, I can’t really explain what’s going on here, exactly.  Something looks odd on my FSM wiring diagram, so this is my best guess until I can do some more research.  

go to link Washer Pump

source site Pushing the windshield washer switch puts +12V from the fusebox out to the pump.

buy levitra cheap Fig 2. Windshield Washer Switch

accutane from canada Fig 3. Headlight module on top (when installed in car), wiper module on the bottom.

follow Fig 5. Carefully clean all contacts

click Fig 6. Be careful! these will fall out

Fig 7. After cleaning contacts, add a little grease on spring bottoms

Fig 8. Re-bend the tabs back into place.

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