DIY CNC X-axis assembly detail

These are the details for assembly of the X-axis carriage.

  • Major components bolt together
  • Use two nuts at each end of the threaded rod and “double nut” them.
  • An Acorn Nut on the side of the threaded rod opposite the stepper is only for aesthetic purposes and to shield what can be a sharp and rough end on the rod.
  • It is critical all components are square during cutting and at assembly
  • When mounting the X-Axis assembly to the rails on the base, you may need to shim under the X-Axis Linear Bearings (#5) to get a snug fit (I used business card stock)
  • The Linear Bearing Nut (18) is shown here, but must be installed on the Z-axis assembly¬†before it is threaded onto the threaded rod (12)
  • The two aluminum angles (16) are held in place by the Z-axis assembly. ¬†Hold in place with some masking tape during assembly.

DIY CNC X-axis assembly detail - left, rear

X-axis assembly detail – left, rear

DIY CNC Y-axis assembly detail - right, rear

X-axis assembly detail

Parts List

Item #QtyDescriptionPart Number
11X-Axis side, left
21X-Axis side, right
31X-Axis rail
41X-Axis side bottom
52X-Axis Roller BearingAssembly
62X-Axis linear bearing mounts
781/4-20 x 2" Hex Head Bolt
821/4-20 x 1.5" Hex Head Bolt
9101/4" Flat Washers
102T Nuts, 1/4-20
118Threaded cross dowelsRockler 31823
1230 Inches1/4-20 threaded rod
1341/4-20 hex nuts
1411/4-20 acorn nut
152R4ZZ 1/4"x5/8"x0.196" BearingsVXB Bearing R4ZZ-1
162 x 24"3/4 x 3/4 x 1/8" Aluminum angle
171Stepper MotorAssembly
181Linear Bearing Nut and anti backlashAssembly

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